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• “An immediately enjoyable indie gem, featuring a mix of funk, smooth jazz, the tastiest Hammond B3 lines this side of Joey DeFrancesco, and a sensuous cameo by Gerald Albright
– Jonathan Widran

The Jazz Nation

• I‘ve never heard the B3 played like this before. You’ll take notice too as Joe Kurasz takes a step on the funky side with the tunes Funky B and Takin’ A Break. 

Kurasz lays down some serious HAMMOND B3 attitude as he showcases great improvisation and George Naha answers perfectly with stand-up guitar work.Gerald Albright guests on the CD bringing his sultry alto sax to the Crossroads . With Kurasz on B3/keyboards, Naha on guitar and a great hook, this sexy tune has got to be one of my favorites on the disc. One thing’s for sure… it’ll leave you wanting more!

On his latest record, Joe Kurasz has done some Soul Searching . Full of interesting melodies and fantastic improvisations, this is an album that will stir yours! Soul Searching resonates!
-D.J . Fazio


• Keyboardist/Pianist/Hammond B3er, Joe Kurasz began playing at a very early age. His influences where from all genres of music and they included artists like Booker T., John Coltrane, The Temptations, and Burt Bacharach. Soul Searching is an exceptional collection of songs that nod to soulful nostalgia. This project just may end up being my personal favorite independent release this year. Who doesn’t love the Hammond B3? It’s liquid sunshine…

Joe Kurasz has that special something that makes Bob James and Joe Sample’s music so delicious. A true feel good CD, starting off with “Funky B” a great intro to a killer collection of tracks that include fantastic originals like the Smooth Jazz smash “Crossroads” featuring Gerald Albright on sax and covers including a sweet version of Jim Croce’s “Operator” plus, “If Loving You Is Wrong”, and “Fooled Around And Fell In Love”. Every track is exceptional.
-Sandy Shore 

Hollywood Behind-the-Scenes

• “Joe Kurasz gives an electriifying performance on his latest CD, “Soul Searching.”He combines elements of rhythm and blues, soul and something else so old it’s new again. Kurasz uses the sound of the vintage Hammond B3 and piano for a sound that awakens the soul of anybody who still remembers “If Lovin’ You Is Wrong.” Other tracks worth hearing include “Funky B,” “Crossroads” and “Fooled Around and Fell in Love,” And more. This is a keeper.
– By Alice O’Neil


• “Joe Kurasz not only gave us interesting melodies, fantastic improvisations and great musicianship……he gave the Diva her voice back. The Hammond B3 speaks …and Kurasz is the truth. Word!
– Lyndah Malloy-Glover