Joe’s varied career includes musical works ranging from: Film Soundtracks, Reality Television and Daytime TV Dramas to Music Education, Conducting, Studio Engineering and Production.

As a piano teacher, Joe teaches the student how you can learn, develop and apply your piano knowledge for: Performance, Composition, Improvisation, Songwriting and Orchestration.

Students, both the very young beginner and the older intermediate and professional, look forward to learning from Joe because they not only see their performance and music theory education expanding, but they can learn first-hand all the future musical career possibilities available through the study of piano/keyboard.


Private One-On-One Lessons or Group Workshop and Masterclass Courses available


Basic theory and sight reading as an introduction to the building blocks of music, intervals, scales, triads, rhythm and meter will be explored.
Assigned exercises will help develop a comprehensive understanding.

All major and minor scales and arpeggios. Diatonic and related scales, harmonic progressions, elements of voice leading. Piano solo works of contrasting styles.

This program introduces mathematical logic to all materials of music and their functions.

Theory of melody & harmony, composition and improvisation.

Advanced voicing techniques.

Orchestration and arranging. 

• STRUCTURE OF MELODY – Study of the general properties of melody with respect to its convertibility to other forms.

• MUSICAL STRUCTURES AND PROCESSES – Mathematical approaches to scales and rhythms.

• IMPROVISATION by means of Geometrical Inversions.

• IMPROVISATION with Expansions/Contractions on Melodic Forms.

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This is a preview in the study of improvisation using the Hammond B3 Organ. In this preview, Joe demonstrates different styles of improvisation on the B3.
Mathematical approaches of the general properties of improvisation and melody. This program introduces mathematical logic to all materials of music and their functions.
SONGWRITING -A compilation of three vocal and one instrumental song written for four different genres using the Structure of Melody System.